BOXJUMP proactively retains and renews members, saving thousands for partnering gyms in 3 automated steps

We implement the tools premium gyms like Equinox & Soulcycle spend $100k+ building annually for a fraction of the cost



BOXJUMP uses proprietary algorithms to predict which members will churn and which are ready for larger plans


Our software then contacts at-risk members to attend more classes and encourages super-active members to upgrade their plans


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Campaign results, attendance + membership improvements, and other KPIs are visualized in an intuitive dashboard


BOXJUMP integrates with every data source

From A to Zen Planner, we integrate with every every customer management system on the market 

We empower elite gyms

Just to name a few...

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I’ve been using BOXJUMP for nearly three months and it has helped me focus on retention and new leads. We have increased our memberships by over 15% and our retention has reached 97% every month since using BOXJUMP. Matt goes above and beyond to make sure the product is working for you.
— Paul Austad, Owner of NELA CrossFit
BOXJUMP gives me the analytical tools that existing CMS systems fail to deliver. Their system is specifically tailored to the needs of both of my gyms and enables me to spend more time training clients and less time managing my business.
— Brian Wilson, Owner of Potomac + Patriot CrossFit

And now we can power yours

BOXJUMP saves thousands for partnering gyms and is committed to delivering the same results to yours!