Your client management system collects a mountain of data. BOXJUMP takes the data and makes your gym grow.

Renew Members


Proactively reach out to members on expiring contracts and renew them on bigger plans

Retain Members


Identify members who are likely to leave your gym next month and keep them before they churn

Increase attendance


Follow up with members whose attendance is declining to get them back on track

All the processes the best gyms use, built just for you

We spent a year working with elite gyms to learn how they run their business.
BOXJUMP combines all their processes into one product that is proven to retain and renew members.

1 | Analyze Data

BOXJUMP integrates with every client management system to automatically analyze your gym’s data, track your most important key metrics, and generate email lists for members you need to contact.


2 | Contact Members

We connect your data to your existing email system to automate interactions with your members. Whether their contract expires this month and they need to sign up for a new one or they’ve been experiencing declining attendance and need to get back on track, we help you take care of it!

3 | Visualize results

Stay on top of your business with a customized dashboard that visualizes your gym’s most important metrics. Your dashboard is updated weekly without making you lift a finger.

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BOXJUMP makes thousands for our clients, but don't just take our word for it

I’ve been using BOXJUMP for five months and it has helped me focus on retention and new leads. We have increased our memberships by over 15% and our retention has reached 97% every month since using BOXJUMP. Matt goes above and beyond to make sure the product is working for you.
— Paul Austad, Owner of NELA CrossFit
As coaches and gym owners, we’re clearly in the relationship business. But we still need to make data-driven decisions. BOXJUMP Analytics has helped us use data to enhance those relationships and engage our members with strategies we’d never before considered. Taking the guesswork out of retention has helped our team focus our efforts and investment on things that truly move the needle.
— Matt Scanlon, Owner of CrossFit Memorial Hill

Just a few more of our happy partners + clients:

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BOXJUMP averages a 300% ROI for our clients and pays for itself in the first month

All the info you need.

BOXJUMP tells you everything you need to know to run your business in a simple dashboard. Track your key metrics, compare results to comparable gyms, and view your data by location or plan.

updated Automatically.

BOXJUMP connects to every client management system to ensure that you get all the insights you need without lifting a finger. Data is updated weekly.

Ready for Action.

Data is only useful if you act on it, and we help you quickly follow up with members who need new plans, contact members at risk of churning, and encourage members to get back in the gym.

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