We didn't intend to found a business...BOXJUMP found us.

Like all good founding stories, ours began with happenstance.

Matt was still working at Deloitte and spent his free time working on different data related ventures. Brian, who owned Potomac and Patriot CrossFit, had a ton of data in his customer management system and didn't know what to do with it. After a few conversations, it became clear that gym owners need more resources to manage their business and the two were off to the races.

After countless iterations with partnering gyms, BOXJUMP has tackled 3 crucial growth problems for gyms with incredible results: automated emails, website optimization, and Facebook ads. We built BOXJUMP to connect to every customer management system and website and our software is set up to run instantaneously so that your gym can start seeing results from day 1.

Meet the team behind your team


Matt Blank // Founder

Matt has always been passionate about the intersection of fitness and data, and brings years of experience in product management, consulting (Deloitte), and venture-backed startups (Speek - acquired in 2015; Logi Analytics - acquired in 2017) to BOXJUMP.

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Brian Wilson // Director of Sales

Brian lives at the center of health and fitness, having founded Potomac CrossFit, CrossFit Walter Reed, and Patriot CrossFit in addition to his duties as a General Manager for Territory Foods. Brian doubles as our head of classical literature, spending his free time enjoying theater, art shows and the high points of the western canon.

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LJ Regine // Director of Onboarding

Going from paying member to Head Coach of one of DC’s largest gyms in six years has allowed LJ to see all facets of running a box. LJ joined the BOXJUMP team to help gym owners spend less time working on their business and more time working in their business. LJ is currently the Head Coach of Patriot CrossFit in Arlington, VA and creator of the SwoleFit fitness program.

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